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RJM INSIGHT – October 2019


In this issue...

  • RJM's financial results for the year
  • Update on India
  • Taiwan Wolmo appointed RJM agent in Taiwan
  • Piedmont Energy project in USA nears completion
  • More green shoots for RJM’s biomass biz in UK
  • Welcome to our new joiners
  • New project wins in China
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RJM's financial results for the year

"It’s been a relatively tough year for us in terms of major new projects won and invoiced - hence our flat turnover compared to last year. On the positive side, highlights have included good sales growth in both Asia-Pacific and mainland China, as well as the ground-breaking FEED project we completed at Uskmouth. Plus, in Quarter 4 of the last financial year we started to make serious headway with some new projects in the biomass and Energy from Waste segments of the market and this will grow in 2020. When we look at our ‘Hot Projects’ list of potential work that we are bidding for, our order book for next year is looking very healthy and I am confident that this will be reflected in a return to good turnover growth for 2020." 2019 Turnover: £3.43m (2018: £3.72m) Year-end: 31st August 2019


Update on India

Throughout the summer, we’ve been working closely with our agent, Buka Power and milling experts Loesche of India to win a new low NOx upgrade project at a Kolaghat thermal power plant, owned and operated by the West Bengal Power Development Corporation. Despite a huge effort by the team at Winchester and Buka Power, Loesche India decided to pull out of our joint bid. We’re now reviewing our options but are still keen to win a first project in India as there is huge potential for RJM to apply its innovative solutions as India introduces tighter emissions legislation.


Taiwan Wolmo appointed RJM agent in Taiwan

RJM has appointed Taiwan Wolmo (www.wolmo.com) to act as its agent in Taiwan to secure additional emissions reduction and combustion optimisation projects for RJM in Taiwan. Taiwan Wolmo Inc. was established in 1984 and concentrates on the promotion of advanced technology and equipment for recycling waste oils and other, oil-related, energy-saving technologies. As the Taiwanese Environmental Protection Agency is now committed to tighten up on air quality standards and has based its new thresholds on WHO Air Quality Guidelines, RJM, working in partnership with Taiwan Wolmo, is well-placed to support this nationwide transition to lower emissions.


More green shoots for RJM’s biomass biz in the UK

Building on the opportunity presented by the work RJM carried out for Bio Energie Centrale (BEC) at its 80MWth bubbling fluidised bed biomass generator at Cuijk in the Netherlands, we’ve started targeting UK-based operators of biomass and Energy from Waste plants. Following positive meetings with Solar 21 and BIG (Bioenergy Infrastructure Group), both of which are multiple site owners in the UK, RJM is now winning work to support these plant operators, helping them achieve maximum output reliably with no negative impact on emissions, as they widen their fuel diets.


All-new RJM website gets the go ahead

As the world accelerates towards a lower emission, lower carbon future, RJM is working on a new project to update its website and literature to position the company as a lead participant in this market. Our new outward-facing “look & feel” will match more closely the ambitions of our customers, power and heat generators of all types, as we increasingly help them develop and implement their own low emission, clean growth strategies. The new site will go live in January 2020.


Welcome to our new joiners

We’re delighted to welcome back Rebecca Chapman who joins us as Process Engineer, following her graduation with a degree in Chemical Engineering from Nottingham University this summer. Tom Ball, currently an undergraduate at the University of Sheffield studying for a Masters in Chemical Engineering, has also just joined us for his Year In Industry. We welcome them both to the team.


New project wins in China

RJM’s agent for the smaller burner market in China, HKL Global, has won two new projects for us in China, one at the Linhua Mountain Resort in Jinan, Shandong and a second one at Xinjiang in north-west China. At the Linhua Mountain Resort, 400kms south of Beijing, a 70MWth district heating plant that fired coal slurry has been converted to fire natural gas through two of our ultra-low NOx CleanAir Burners™, an upgrade that will bring NOx down to 30mg/Nm3 and also deliver a further 10MWth of output. This project builds on the successful relationship established last year between HKL and the Taishan Boiler Company in Beijing where they worked together installing our burners at various district heating plants. At Changji City Agricultural Exhibition Park, in Xinjiang, an autonomous territory 3,000kms west of Beijing, another RJM ultra-low NOx CleanAir Burner™ has been installed on a newly-built 45MWth district heating scheme boiler, again to reduce NOx down to 30mg/Nm3. With 35 successfully completed installations in Beijing, HKL and is now pushing hard to win more more ultra-low NOx upgrade projects for RJM, beyond the capital.


Piedmont Energy project in North Carolina USA, nears completion

Piedmont Energy is a 55MW fluidised bed combustor burning 0.5m tonnes per annum of forestry by-products. It was experiencing high levels of NOx, CO, unburnts and reagent usage. Despite running with both OFA and SNCR systems, the high CO levels meant high volumes of ammonia were required to keep NOx levels under control. RJM’s USA office, headed up by Larry Berg, has been working on this project since 2016, supported by the CFD team in Winchester. Innovative solutions to get the plant back on track include modifications to both OFA and SNCR systems, delivering CO reductions of 60% and reduced reagent usage of 17%. With a considerable number of similar plants in the USA, this project will act as an excellent case-study for future work

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