Hammond outlines process for Future Homes Standard plans

We now know bit more – but not much more – about the government’s commitment to implement a Future Homes Standard by 2025.

In a letter dated 22 May to chair of the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) and published last week, Chancellor Philip Hammond said the government’s Future Homes Standard – aimed at making future homes contribute towards the UK’s climate change commitments – will be implemented through an uplift to the Buildings Regulations energy efficiency standards. Hammond said in the letter, which was addressed to EAC Chair Mary Creagh, that the government would consult on this later in 2019 “with a view to introducing the new standard in 2025”.

Hammond added that the consultation will also explore technical options for delivering low carbon heat in new homes. But the government will respond on the undertaking to not permit new homes to connect the gas supply network for heating purposes separately, in an earlt response to the Climate Change Committee.

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