New Anglia Energy is a company formed by Nigel Cornwall with the express purpose of supporting local energy markets in Norfolk and Suffolk and developing regional leadership.

There are a lot of sources of free information on community energy. But much of these tend to be on one piece of the puzzle, in a very complex environment. New Anglia Energy is different because it will demonstrate learning by doing, using the knowledge and relationships I have developed in a long and fruitful career in the sector.. In the first instance the focus is on the Greater Norwich Smart Energy Community, which we intend will act as beacon for commercial innovation, and establish a best in class local energy community based on engagement with the market and enabled by new technology.

I continue to stay briefed through access to the market leading research and Insight of Cornwall Insight, which continues to go from strength to strength. New Anglia Energy is also supporting Pixie Energy, a Cornwall Insight company,  as it develops its Ipswich micro-grid project and other regional “frontier” developments.

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